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From Lapindo mud disaster, East Java Sidoarjio

CAUSE: the procedure does not deserve exploration, drilling, excessive gas, the earthquake that had struck Yogyakarta and surrounding areas

Sidoarjo Mudflow Handling Agency (BPLS) noted the content of methane gas that comes out around the Lapindo mud was high.Geohazard survey results BPLS team mentioned that at some point, levels of flammable gas or Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) to 100 percent. "His condition is dangerous and highly flammable," BPLS spokesman, Achmad Khusaeri, Wednesday, September 14, 2011.To overcome these wild bursts of gas, BPLS installing a chimney-shaped separator as high as four meters in some places with high methane content.The goal is to separate the methane gas and water. Water flowed into the drainage channel, while the methane gas released into the atmosphere. He advised residents not to burn gas or use it for cooking wild because of the methane gas is feared triggering a fire.Gas wild popping up in neighborhoods and villages Ketapang Pamotan, Tanggulangin District, Sidoarjo regency. Even some gas in the wild are also popping up in homes.Gas out the connection between home Sunandar ceramic floor, a resident of Ketapang. In the six-point home spread methane gas. One of them spread throughout the five-meter.They worry more and more gas and damage the health. Though the village is outside the map area spread over 45 neighborhood associations that do not receive compensation.But some residents would take advantage of these bursts of methane gas to boil water and cook rice. They put over the hole blast furnace gas in the wild. This activity is done every day. "It saves on gas," said Sulikah, one of the residents.IMPACT: POSITIVE:• SAVES GAS BUY NEGATIVE:• H MUSIBA CITIZENS AFFECTED NOT RECEIVE FUNDS LUMPUR LAPINDO INDEMNITY• ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE• PEOPLE HAVE A VERY BIG LOSS• THE LOSS OF A JOB• FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE DAMAGED SOLUTION:• PEMRINTAHI SHOULD GIVE IMMEDIATE COMPENSATION TO THE EXPERIENCE OF DISASTER LAPINDO LUMPUR, SIDOARJO EAST JAVA

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